Substitutes to Fresh Garlic – Garlic Powder, Dehydrated Garlic Granules, Dehydrated Garlic Flakes

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Fresh garlic is one of the seasonings we often use in our daily life. But in the season when fresh garlic is sprouting, we may not be able to use fresh garlic to flavor food. Alternatives (garlic powder, garlic granules and dried garlic flakes) to fresh garlic play a pivotal role at this time.

Dehydrated garlic

Dehydrated garlic products are mainly divided into three types: garlic powder, dried garlic flakes and garlic granules.

All three have a strong garlic smell, the main difference is the appearance. Garlic powder has a light yellow powder texture, 80-100 mesh. Granulated garlics are light yellow granules, 16-60 mesh. The dehydrated garlic flakes are in the form of 1-2mm flakes.

If it is for daily household use, you can choose garlic powder in small packages in the supermarket. But if it is suitable for catering, food processing or reselling industries, you can choose a professional dehydrated garlic product factory to order directly. The dehydrated garlic products factory can not only customize the specifications of the dehydrated garlic products according to the needs of customers, but also customize the packaging. The most important thing is that customers get the goods directly from the factory, and there is no trader to make a difference, and customers can enjoy the most favorable price.

If you are interested in dehydrated garlic products (garlic powder, dehydrated garlic flakes and dehydrated garlic granules), you can directly consult for more detailed information.


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