High Quality Dried Garlic Slices Without Root For Sale

Brand: Fitaky

Origin: China

Thickness of garlic flakes: 1-2mm

Packing: 20kg/carton, inner plastic bag or aluminum foil bag + outer thick carton

Sample: Free

Certifications: FDA, BRC, HACCP, ISO, HALAL, ORGANIC, Kosher, etc.

Product Details

As a manufacturer of rootless dried garlic slices, we have been committed to producing high-quality, safe and delicious garlic products. Our dried sliced garlic adopt advanced production technology and dehydration technology. After the garlic is processed through multiple processes, it is made into dried garlic slices with uniform texture, crisp taste and strong garlic flavor.

Dried garlic slices

Dried garlic slices without root are widely used in the production of various dishes, seasonings and snacks because of their crisp taste, rich aroma, and easy storage and portability. Fitaky not only provides free garlic slice samples for customers to test product quality, but also support customization and OEM services.

The following are the main application fields of dried sliced garlic:

①Cooking: dehydrated garlic slices can be used for cooking various dishes, such as stir-fry, soup, barbecue, stewed vegetables, etc. It can increase the texture and taste of dishes and make them more delicious.

②Seasoning: dehydrated rootless garlic slices can be used as various seasonings, such as seasoning sauce, hot pot base, marinade, etc. It adds garlic flavor and texture to seasonings.

③Others:  garlic slices can also be used to make garlic products such as garlic powder and garlic paste.

Therefore, the high quality dried garlic slices are a very practical garlic product, widely used in food processing and seasoning industries. Whether in the home kitchen or in the commercial kitchen,  dehydrated garlic slices are a convenient, tasty and functional ingredient.

If you are interested in our dried garlic slices or have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Essential Details
Product NameDried garlic slices without root
BrandAccept OEM
Ingredient100% natural garlic
ColorLight yellow
FlavorTypical of garlic, pungent and strong flavor
shelf life24 months
certificationsFDA, BRC, HACCP, ISO, HALAL, ORGANIC, Kosher, etc.
Mold&Yeast1,000CFU/G MAX
Coliform100 CFU/G MAX
ServicesProvide free samples; support customization & OEM services; Perfect after-sales service system; guarantee fast delivery

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