40-60 Mesh Garlic Granules For Sale

Samples: Free (Samples within 100g are free)

Size: 8-16-26-40-60-80 mesh

Certifications: FDA, BRC, HACCP, ISO, HALAL, ORGANIC, Kosher, etc.

Place of origin: China

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Garlic granules are made from fresh garlic heads after washing, peeling, slicing, dehydrating and other processes. The garlic granules are strictly sieved to ensure that each garlic granule has the same size and shape. 40-60 mesh dried garlic granules are very suitable for various food processing and can be used to make various delicacies.

Garlic granules

Compared with fresh garlic, the dried garlic granules have many advantages. First, they keep longer, don't require refrigerator storage, and can be stored at room temperature. Second, they have a more intense flavor, which can help you better control flavors in your cooking. Finally, dehydrated diced garlic are easier to work with because they don't have to be peeled and cut.

Our 40-60 mesh garlic granules can play an excellent role in various dishes, such as stir-fry, soup, pickle and so on. High-quality garlic granules is also ideal for making garlic powder and seasonings. Our dehydrated garlic granules have undergone strict quality control and are guaranteed to be free of any food additives and impurities. Each bag of dehydrated garlic is carefully packaged and sealed to ensure its freshness and flavor are preserved.

If you are looking for high-quality garlic granules, fitaky 40-60 mesh dried garlic granules are your best choice. We not only provide garlic granules in various packaging specifications, but also provide free samples to meet your needs. As a professional dehydrated garlic products factory, we guarantee 100% factory price. If you are interested in our dehydrated garlic, please feel free to contact us!

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